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The Great Cactus Growing Race

Watching paint dry?  Watching ice melt?  What could be more exciting than cactus growing?


Five species of the cactus family were planted early this morning, April 14, 2015: (1) a variety mix of dragon fruit, (2) a common sort of red-skinned, white-fleshed dragon fruit, (3) a strawberry hedgehog cactus, (4) Xoconostle, a trendy, sour sort of cactus pear, and (5) Ficus-indica, the most common type of sweet cactus pear.  There’s more detail about each here.  Which will grow the quickest?  Can’t you just taste the excitement?

New Micronutrient

Scientists have identified a micronutrient in foods that are farm or garden fresh, which is slowly lost over time as foods are transported to other regions and finally to supermarkets. This component could be key in the body’s increased ability to more frequently access the nutrients in fruits and vegetables. The ingredient has preliminarily been labeled “taste”. Scientific research is ongoing.