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Recipe: Farmstead Salsa Verde


Farmstead Salsa Verde

The guiding principles of Farmstead recipes are always (1) Variety — people are eating too much of the same few ingredients and need to return to expanding the species they are exposed to; (2) Gardening — people aren’t growing even the most basic of ingredients and have no idea how much better they taste (or how far the ingredients at the grocery store traveled to get to there); and (3) Taste, which speaks for itself.  Here we have cilantro, which is one of the easiest herbs to grow and tomatillos, which aren’t particularly difficult, and both are not typical ingredients for the average Western European-descended gringo, but they are excellent.  If any of it is new to you, know that it’s not too adventurous to make this one, give it a try,


– 6 medium tomatillos, husked
– 2 poblano peppers (seeds removed) or 1 and few hot green chilis of your choice
– 6-8 sprigs of cilantro, stems removed as best you can (use shears it’s easier)
– 1 whole garlic (yes the whole thing)
– Rough salt (kosher or sea)

What to do:

– Take the garlic, use kitchen shears to cut the tips off of the big cloves (keeping it whole), wrap it in tin foil with just the top open and put some regular olive oil (not EVOO, the smoke point is too low) or canola oil on the whole thing from the top. Put it in the oven for 35 minutes on 400. Let it cool then squeeze the flesh out. This is roasted garlic. Put it in the food processor.

– Put the cut cilantro into the food processor.

– Take 4 of the tomatillos and most of the peppers/chilis, wipe them with a little of the oil, and broil them about 4 inches from the top of the oven until they blister a bit (say 6 minutes), then turn over and repeat. Cut up the rest of the tomatillos and peppers raw and load them into your food processor. When the roasted chilis and tomatillos are done, let them cool a bit, cut them up some and put them in the food processor as well.

– Grind it all up, but leave it a bit chunky.  Oh, and add some salt and pepper.

– This will make about 20 ounces. I’d say that’s 6 servings if you’re dipping things into it, or if you’re spreading it on some roasted chicken.